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EcoLogical Insulation

EcoLogical Insulation

Residential and Commercial Insulation Solutions for Birmingham, Alabama

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Insulation for the Home

Your home deserves to be protected from the heat of the Alabama summers. Our different insulation products like spray foam, fiberglass, and more can let any home owner in the Birmingham area rest cool and easy. See what our professional insulation installers can do for your energy bill!

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Home Builder Insulation Solutions

People that buy new construction homes are looking for the best products available within the home itself. If you’re a home builder looking for an insulation partner for your new homes, Ecological Insulation in Birmingham has all of the products and services to ensure your homes are the best on the block.

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Insulation for Commercial Contractors

Large commercial or corporate buildings require a much more thorough process to ensure energy consumption is as efficient as possible. Our spray foam and fiberglass technicians are trained to looks for energy-saving and cost-saving methods to make sure your large buildings are cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Based in Birmingham, AL

If you’re in the greater Birmingham area, you should know that we have an EcoLogical Insulation office specifically for you. Our technicians and installers are local to the Birmingham area, and will be able to specifically help you and your insulation needs.

Our Team of Insulation Professionals

We go through great lengths to ensure all EcoLogical Insulation employees are properly trained for both energy efficiency and customer service. We want to be professional in every sense of the word to give you the best possible insulation products and services.

Quality Certified

EcoLogical Insulation Birmingham is a member of the High Performance Insulation Professionals, the National Insulation Contractors Exchange and the Home Builders Association of Alabama.

Spray Foam

Spray Foam Insulation is a cost effective and easy way to insulate new and existing buildings when properly installed in an effective building envelope enclosure system. It is also effective for sound attenuation in floors, walls and ceilings.


Fiberglass Insulation is an easy and cost effective way to insulate new and existing buildings if it is properly installed in an effective building envelope enclosure system.


Cellulose insulation is manufactured from recycled newspapers and treated with borates to repel pests and increase fire resistance.

Energy Audits
and Testing

Energy Audits and Testing can make your home as energy efficient as possible by helping you choose building materials, design, lighting and more. EcoLogical Insulation Birmingham helps keep your costs down by keeping your home or office the ideal temperature for you.