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EcoLogical Insulation’s services include energy audits to improve your building’s energy efficiency, high performance building envelope systems, and all installation methods of our various insulation products. Each different spray foam, fiberglass or cellulose product has specific steps and processes for installation, and all our different services will be able to directly impact your energy bill each month.

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A blower door test measures the air leakage rate and identifies the location of air leaks. It can be beneficial for existing homes, new homes and commercial structures. The test involves positioning a fan – that reduces the air pressure inside your house – in a door frame. A pressure-sensing device is used next to measure the difference in air pressure between the inside and outside. If it is difficult for your home to maintain its indoor temperature, it feels uncomfortable during cooling and heating or you notice drafts, call our office to schedule a blower door test!

Blown-in Wall

A blown-in wall system can be installed in open walls of new homes or remodeled spaces of your current home. This technique entirely fills gaps in the wall and establishes a more complete thermal barrier than installing standard batt insulation in your exterior walls. Loose fill fiberglass insulation is densely packed into the wall cavity behind a layer of plastic to completely occupy the wall cavity and increase the potential for energy savings.


Our commercial insulation division offers a variety of insulation products and services for municipal, commercial and educational structures. We install these commercial insulation products: spray foam, commercial fiberglass and other commercial insulation products. We help our customers’ projects stay on schedule and within budget. Contact us for an estimate on your next commercial insulation project!


Our sealed crawl space system helps keep your home and family safe from crawl space moisture and pests. The foundation of our system is a reinforced vapor barrier. The vapor barrier is run up the crawl space walls and then a specially formulated sealant is applied to adhere this barrier to the wall. Finally, all joints in the vapor barrier are overlapped and secured with tape that is designed specifically to adhere to the vapor barrier. If you are ready to seal your crawl space, contact EcoLogical Insulation today!


Duct leakage permits the conditioned air to escape before it reaches the room you desire; this increases heating and cooling expenses and affects the comfort of your home. A duct leakage test uses a small fan and a pressure gauge to pressurize your home’s duct system and correctly measure any air leakage of the ductwork. Reducing duct leaks will allow your HVAC system to work more efficiently; your heated or cooled air will reach the room you want.

Energy Audits
and Testing

Energy audits and testing are utilized to evaluate the unique factors that affect energy use in a building, and extends further than blower door and duct leakage tests. The process of conducting energy audits and tests begins with gathering building data including:  occupancy rates, building geometry, construction materials, lighting, plug loads, thermostat settings and more. This data is evaluated by custom software to produce a list of improvements to the home based on the unique factors of each home. Contact EcoLogical Insulation if you would like to learn more about energy audits and testing!


Oftentimes, homeowners may overlook insulating during construction in lieu of other home features. After several years, many homeowners wish they had made their home more efficient by investing in better insulation. Upgrading your home’s insulation allows you to benefit from more comfort all year, better temperature distribution throughout your home and better moisture control.


Removing insulation requires as much attention to detail as adding insulation. All insulation should be completely removed and the old, contaminated insulation should be prevented from infiltrating your indoor space during the removal process. When removing insulation EcoLogical Insulation uses equipment that is designed to contain the old insulation. The old insulation is collected in a holding container outside your home so you are assured that your family remains safe. If your insulation is damaged and requires removal contact EcoLogical Insulation!


EcoLogical Insulation prides itself on being responsive and providing professional installation on your new home. You will know you are receiving top quality installation and service no matter what your project entails. Our team commits to expertly air seal your new home and install the appropriate insulation system to help keep your family comfortable and your energy expenses low. EcoLogical Insulation provides superior service and installs the best products to provide the comfort your family deserves.

EcoLogical Insulation is a full service insulation contractor serving Alabama and Georgia. Alabama offices are located in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery and Auburn.