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Spray Foam Insulation

Choose spray foam insulation for high performance and energy efficiency. Spray foam insulation expands when it fills an opening and stops air leaks. The combination of adding R-value and sealing air leaks can increase energy savings more than adding insulation alone.

Spray foam insulation insulates and seals air leaks in one application. This single-application property makes spray foam different from cellulose or fiberglass insulation. Spray foam insulation can also help increase stability during high winds and severe storms by increasing the strength of your home.

Spray foam insulation comes in two types: open cell and closed cell. Open cell spray foam insulation acts as both an insulator and air barrier. It features vapor permeability and is a sound dampener. Closed cell spray foam is more solid and has a higher R-value than open cell spray foam. Its increased density gives closed cell spray foam the ability to stabilize your home during high winds and storms.

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