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Sealed Crawl Space Insulation

What is the part of the home often overlooked? The crawl space! This is where plumbing, electrical and heating/air systems often are located.

If not handled properly, the crawl space can cause serious issues down the road. Moisture control and proper ventilation are important. Using a proper vapor barrier, insulation, passive or active ventilation and (sometimes) dehumidification can prevent multitudes of problems. If these components are not installed properly and working together as a system, they can cause a host of issues such as trapping moisture that may invite pests and harbor mold.

EcoLogical Insulation of Birmingham’s sealed crawl space system helps protect your home from crawl space moisture and pests through a foundation of a reinforced vapor barrier. This barrier runs up the crawl space walls and is mechanically fastened using concrete nails with washers. A sealant is applied to adhere the barrier to the wall after it is installed. Finally, all vapor barrier joints are overlapped and secured with tape that is designed specifically to adhere to the vapor barrier. If you have piers in your concrete the vapor barrier is applied the same way as the walls.

The homeowner might choose code-required insulation to be installed with the vapor barrier. If so, insulation will be installed so it overlaps the vapor barrier to create a seal. It then will run to within four inches of the top of the foundation wall. This four-inch gap is left open for termite inspection. EcoLogical Insulation of Birmingham will continue insulating from the top of your “green plate” to the bottom of your subfloor, sealing off all the vents in the foundation.

Is your crawl space ready to be sealed? Contact EcoLogical Insulation of Birmingham today!

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