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June 7, 2021

Is Your Crawl Space Safe for Humans or a Haven for Pests?

When you think of crawl spaces, what comes to mind? If you envision a musty, drippy, dark area lurking beneath your house, then it may be time for crawl space…
January 18, 2021

The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

For households and businesses in the South, heat is your year-round nemesis. In the winter, your well-heated home is mocking you by seeping all of that warmth to the outdoors.…
Beautiful home on a summer dayNews
March 22, 2019

Attic Insulation in Summer? Yes! Here’s Why

Many homeowners associate home insulation with winter months and cold weather. While insulation does keep your home warm during cold winter months, Alabama residents know insulation helps keep your home…
Infrared image of home during energy auditNews
February 8, 2019

Is an Energy Audit Really Necessary?

A home energy audit provides you with a complete picture of your home’s energy use. It provides valuable information related to the amount of energy use in your home, where…
fiberglass insulation installationNews
October 24, 2018

EcoLogical Insulation Participates in 2018 Habitat Home Builders Blitz

There are few things more rewarding than coming together with local organizations to make our community a better place. Getting the job done in record time makes it fun! EcoLogical…
happy family in front of homeNews
October 3, 2018

EcoLogical Insulation Partners with Alabama Power on Smart Neighborhood Project

In early May, Alabama Power unveiled its first Smart Neighborhood at Reynolds Landing. The mission of the Smart Neighborhood was to build a community of the most energy efficient homes…