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    • Attic Insulation in Summer? Yes! Here’s why
      Many homeowners associate home insulation with winter months and cold weather. While insulation does keep your home warm during cold winter months, Alabama residents know insulation helps keep your home cool during the summer. As the sun heats the surface of your roof, the air inside your attic begins to heat up. Conditioned air inside your home is cooler than attic air. To create an equal air [read more...]
    • Is an Energy Audit Really Necessary?
      A home energy audit provides you with a complete picture of your home’s energy use. It provides valuable information related to the amount of energy use in your home, where energy may be lost and how you can make your home more efficient. An energy audit and testing assesses the factors that uniquely affect energy use in your home. This technique gathers and evaluates the data with custom [read more...]
    • EcoLogical Insulation Participates in 2018 Habitat Home Builders Blitz
      There are few things more rewarding than coming together with local organizations to make our community a better place. Getting the job done in record time makes it fun! EcoLogical... [read more...]
    • EcoLogical Insulation Partners with Alabama Power on Smart Neighborhood Project
      In early May, Alabama Power unveiled its first Smart Neighborhood at Reynolds Landing. The mission of the Smart Neighborhood was to build a community of the most energy efficient homes to date. The homes, built by Signature Homes, go beyond the way builders typically construct energy efficient homes. EcoLogical Insulation was invited to participate in the project through a partnership with [read more...]