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EcoLogical Insulation Partners with Alabama Power on Smart Neighborhood Project

By October 3, 2018February 24th, 2021News

In early May, Alabama Power unveiled its first Smart Neighborhood at Reynolds Landing. The mission of the Smart Neighborhood was to build a community of the most energy efficient homes to date.

The homes, built by Signature Homes, go beyond the way builders typically construct energy efficient homes.

EcoLogical Insulation was invited to participate in the project through a partnership with Signature Homes and other participating contractors. EcoLogical installed the blown-in blanket system and a high performing air sealing package. Improvement of air sealing is a top priority for EcoLogical Insulation.

EcoLogical’s insulation and air sealing process combined with the expertise of other contractor partners helped the Smart Neighborhood achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency. According to Alabama Power, homes in the Smart Neighborhood are 35 percent more efficient than standard homes built in this area today.

The Smart Neighborhood project in the Southeast operates on the first ever microgrid that supports an entire residential community. In addition, this high level of energy efficiency reduces the carbon footprint of each home and lowers energy bills.

Learn more about this project here. To learn more about achieving high energy performance through insulating and air sealing, contact us.